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    Hello guys.

    I'm really new to the grading thing. Currently I'm filming a lot with my drone and a gopro. The shots I'm grading with tom's lut and some different other BMC luts. My current workflow is to grade the shots in Davinci Resolve, then export the shots and put them into After Effects. There I remove the fishey effect and add some motion blur. After that I export it from AE and edit the whole thing in Final Cut. You see my workflow is very complicated and time-consuming. What is your workflow? How do you do it?

    Thank you for helping me
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    I do all my grading in Premiere CC. I can apply LUTs, remove fisheye, de-noise, add grain, stabilize and much more. Since I only shoot ProRes & mp4 from the GoPro there's really no need for me to go to Resolve or any other tool.
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