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    So as some of you may know, some of the footage from BMPCC floating around doesn't quite look "right" at the supposed 180 degree shutter. It seems to be producing some kind of an open shutter look-- introducing more blur than what you'd otherwise expect. I don't know if this is a problem with every pocketcam, since I've seen footage from some that exhibit the issue much more acutely than others.

    But, with more pocketcams shipping... if you notice that at 180 degrees the motion "seems off", then check out this program:

    If you shoot at 172.9 degree angle or lower to start, this program can add back in exactly the right amount of motion blur to "bring it back" to 180... it produces a dead-on result.

    I'll be posting some tests over the next day or so, but it's doing the job perfectly so far.

    Here is one on vimeo just to give you an idea of what it does:

    Test footage Vimeo page:
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    Good idea. I've always wanted to try this plugin out. Let me know how your testing goes.
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    Great idea to use rsmb, i still use that plugin for my vfx work, and it works like a treat. Great plugin!
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