Thread: ugh thought I'd never want to do this.. FS BMPCC4k 6.1 cdng firmware + others

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  1. #1 ugh thought I'd never want to do this.. FS BMPCC4k 6.1 cdng firmware + others 
    so in need of a more gas efficient car and with this new job, I have no time to play with the camera anyway as much as I want to keep it. Figured I try posting here before ebay.

    BMPCC4k First Gen with 6.1 firmware still and CDNG, can be upgraded & downgraded. comes with Small Rig Half Cage, 4 or 5 batteries, also comes with lcd viewfinder I bought on ebay (
    -works great, comes with side connection covers taken off which by the way is so worth it (will include the tabs).


    Meike 16mm T2.2 - practically brand new with box and everything


    Samsung 1TB t5

    = $1600 I cover shipping if in US but international will have to pay for shipping.

    Will send pics to any serious buyers, can DM me.
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    just decided to make it a package deal
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