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    So are they wonky in the camera, but Ok in the video assist, or are they good in both after the update?
    They work fine in both. It's just the Pocket that doesn't show percentage any more. Since it apparently isn't working because of a broken battery detection sensor I thought it might also affect in-camera charging, but it doesn't.
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    A broken battery detection switch does not stop the camera from showing the battery percentage if the battery is capable of doing so such as Canon OEM battery. If it no longer show the percentage and you have the same battery in the camera when you updated to FW 6.6 then it is likely the update has caused this.
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    It could also be that the OS was updated to only show the battery percentage if it actually detects a battery. I base that on the fact that battery percentage works fine (for the same batteries) in a Video Assist.
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    You can roll back to the previous FW and confirm it is not the OS?
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    Have been noticing my BM batteries running out a lot faster. Not sure if its the new firmware or degrading batteries themselves.
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