Thread: What's your BMPCC 6K Da Vinci Workflow?

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  1. #1 What's your BMPCC 6K Da Vinci Workflow? 
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    If you own a BMPCC 6K, it's probably because you want to shoot at 6K in BRAW. If this is so, being that 6K is not a standard delivery resolution, how do you intend to deliver/render your edited masterpiece? What will your custom render setting be? What requirements will you impose on your deliverables?
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    Every project I’ve worked on where acquisition was 5K or higher was delivered in 4K. Exact same thing as the thousands of projects that were shot Alexa in 2K and delivered 1080p.
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    Set the format you are going to deliver in the timeline, like 4K or UHD. 6K exists for full use of the resolution of these with a Bayer sensor.
    4K photocells are not getting you 4K resolution!
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