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L' Eté indien .. Indian Summer ... Beautiful .. Wonderful .. I hope you fully realize how Lucky you are to live in such a Beautiful Area ..

I imagine FLy Fishing in that Superb River ( with a No-Kill Philosophy .. ) . In many Ways , it's very similar to what we have here
in Center France .. But your Nature is more Colourful , you have more Tree Species .. Really Beautiful ..

For Comparison , you'll find here a picture extracted from a Film made with a BMCC , Resolution 2.5 K , a Zeiss 50 , and an 1.33 anamorphic
Adapter . Graded in Da Vinci .. Shot Full RAW .. C.Dng ..


It was an Overcast Day , it reminds me of the Smell of the Undergrowth , the Chestnuts Picking .. and the Taste of the " Saint Nectaire " Cheese ..

For the Fun , and in a French Spirit .. hoping it will bring you some Interest and a good Feeling , in the Honour of a French Poet and Singer , you'll
find here a wonderful Poem and Song .. It was Another Time .. singers did not do many gestures on Scene .. but the Words were so Meaningful ..


Maybe you understand French .. at least a bit .. Enjoy Life and Enjoy your Magnificent Nature ..

Have a Nice Week End / with my Best Regards from our Old France ..

Mike ..
My grandmother came from France to America when she was 17. Unfortunately, I don’t speak French, but that still and song are beautiful. You are also a very good writer. Your words paint pictures.