Thread: Advice - UMP dead after 1.5 years - Support declining to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Mantle View Post
    Not trolling, but how would you know? That's the point of an NDA, shirley?

    I also talk to many other DP's and crew and have heard the same story.

    I don't think BMD are as worried about bad press. They seem pretty OK with people posting almost anything on their own forum. And while we know that they have reputation perception issues with QC, there's only been one case I can think of where BMD went after anyone (for insider IP theft by their own employees)

    JB (not sure if you're really calling me shirley)
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Brawley View Post
    JB (not sure if you're really calling me shirley)
    Must be the long hair

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    Tremblingwater, did this issue get resolved or not?
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    Silence may mean that BM has discreetly come to the party in a goodwill gesture in which case the matter will be closed. One should feel happy for the owner if resolution has come about. Either way we will not know unless the original poster comes back expressing some grievous vexation.
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