Thread: any gimbal tips trying to shoot frontal walk/talk scenes without a spotter?

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  1. #1 any gimbal tips trying to shoot frontal walk/talk scenes without a spotter? 
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    I'm a filmmaker who does very low budget feature films. A lot of times (most) I have to also shoot my stuff while directing.
    I have the black magic pocket 4k and the new crane 3 lab gimbal.
    Just wondering if folks have any tips on how to shoot frontal walk/talk scenes without necessarily walking backwards with a spotter - (since I usually don't have one.)
    Ideally I would like to walk forwards with the camera behind my shoulder and framing with a monitor or an i phone which the crane 3 allows - but so far all my tests prove NG.
    Any tips appreciated.
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    Steadicam operators practice operating "Don Juan" which means walking forwards with the camera facing backwards. It should be possible to do this with any free gimbal that allows you to attach a monitor. Just hold the gimbal backwards and have the monitor mounted to the side of your preference.

    It will take some practice. Operators spend countless hours honing their skills for a smooth, error-free shot.

    It looks like your gimbal is not a vertical post, and more of a "pistol-grip". That could be a problem.
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