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    I've found that I am using FALSE COLOR on the BMCP4K as a part of my rotation of tools to judge exposure. But I still don't have the colors burned into my memory and have to refer to a small chart I've made that is taped to my field monitor. Green=18% grey, Pink=1 stop over middle grey or Caucasian skin, yellow=80% Zebras, ??(cannot read it)=black. Each of my field monitors also have False Color and they are all slightly different. I con't remember one from the other though on the field monitors you can load a guide.

    I've found myself using False Color from the camera more and more, especially when I just want to be sure something isn't blowing out. I wish that Blackmagic would add a guide to the firmware so I didn't have to look it up on something else.

    Either that or I need to have a revision performed on my brain to increase the memory. Now that would be something you'd be able to sell. More usable memory for your brain.
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