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  1. #1 BMPCC *new* SanDisk Extreme Pro compatibilitÓ issues 
    As discussed extensively in the BlackMagic forums, the new SanDisk Extreme Pro cards are incompatible with the BMPCC, BMMCC and VideoAssist recorders. This is of course a huge setback for the BlackMagic cameras in particular, as they're the only cards which enable RAW video! .

    I'm posting to ask if it's worthwhile petitioning BlackMagic to update the cameras to accept the new cards. While I'm aware the BMPCC is EOL and discontunued, the Micro Cinema Camera is still in production and having to resort to scavenging old cards on eBay, at higher prices, to use RAW video is definitely not on....

    If it's not an easy fix, maybe BlackMagic could collaborate with Sandisk and other manfucaturers to release new cards which can record RAW video on these little gems.
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