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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanite View Post
    I think recording to an external drive would still be considered an internal recording as the camera is only saving the media to the drive not using it to create the recording - Where as an external device like an atomos recorder is doing the grunt work BUT I assume it'd but up to how the patent is worded and if a judge agrees. I'd assumed Red would do their best to word it in their favour as a sort of catch 22 where internal recording means the camera is doing the work.
    Yes, indeed, but at some point someone will have to draw the line, they can't be allowed to own and veto RAW video recording just because they filed and claimed a wide ranging patent without merit. We're not talking about RedRaw here, but simply the very concept of recording RAW video in camera which shouldn't be patentable at all. I'm aware they tried to mess around with Sony and ARRI in relationto similar 'obvious' patents but got their rears handed to them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorBro View Post
    Oh how I love what jinnimag is doing. Jared land comes off looking like a doofus especially when red just announced a 20% drop in their redmag prices but claiming that the discount was in the works before all these videos. I hope jinnimag keeps putting out more of these videos. Thankyou jinnimag for exposing a Patent trolling red camera companies true agenda.
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