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    Any opinions here on the Canon 12-120mm T2.2 TV lens (Fluorite version) ?

    This is a C mount lens. I bought it some years ago but never got around to using it. I am considering having it remounted in PL so that I can use it on different cameras as I go forward. I have read it covers S16 from 35mm on and is sharp at the long end.

    I dont have any illusion this is an earth shattering lens but I do wonder if it may have some old world charm when wanting that real retro look.

    PL mount would allow me to use it on the UMB and the UMP G2 (2K mode) and the P4K (2K mode). If I leave it as C mount then its adapters and I am trying to avoid that as much possible.

    I am not sure if this lens is worth converting to PL or not.

    Thoughts? Anyone here ever used one ?
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    Interesting thread about this lens.
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