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    Thanks for your input! I had a feeling something was shady.

    I ended up getting a 50D + sticks for 400 from an older filmaker who has migrated to lighter systems. I took all 3 heads (two C and one 50) to Transylvania Film & TV in North Hollywood. Upon opening up the 50 he said it would have been fine to use as-is but still gave it the full treatment and restored the Model C’s to factory spec. George was fantastic and price was very reasonable. They all work like new (at least to my knowledge) and the 50D just reaches its lower end of payload capacity with my fully rigged setup. The model C’s support my lighter Micro rig perfectly. I predict they will last another 40 years

    I’m in the process of shooting a review atm.

    One of the Model C heads was made in the original Pasadena garage factory and I’m guessing it’s somewhat of a collector’s item. I’m using it anyway!
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    Yeah I would say that $1200 for a 50D in any condition is way to much.
    But if you already ordered it then hopefully it works out nicely for you.

    If you change your mind and want a 515 I have one for sale for cheaper.
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