Thread: Why don't we see BlackMagic cameras used in big festivals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robbing View Post
    I'm not a DP, not talking about me.
    But I've been playing with all kind of cameras from last of 80's, film and digital and there's something in the URSAs that still not feel comfortable yet as cinema camera. Maybe the design of the body, some conections, some butons...
    The imagen quality is great but not so easy to operate with in some conditios... dark sets, know.

    I dunno, maybe this and the color science still not convincing many DP's yet.
    Yeh to each his own. Totally disagree with this. Ursa Mini/pro/p4k is one of THE MOST usable cameras on the market. Simple and EASY to use as opposed to Sony and RED and is more like Arri in that regard.
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    Yeah, what Darren said.
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