Thread: Fascinating video on ISO for Pocket 4K - and very interesting conclusions

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  1. #1 Fascinating video on ISO for Pocket 4K - and very interesting conclusions 
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    In short, if you want more stops in the highlights (say, a bright day), you're better off shooting at 800 than lower ISO. For more stops in the shadows, you're better off shooting at 1250 than any higher ISO.

    Of course, stops are not the only consideration, but a very informative watch nonetheless...
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    Yeah great video, this applies to most camera's though. This is not breaking news, but I have gotten in arguments in the past with people saying I am wrong. Glad some guy made a video about this to shut them up^^
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    I've been sticking with 400 for daylight and 1250. Very interesting. will look at exposure differently from now on
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    Yes fantastic video. After watching it I immediately went out and shot a bright daylight snow scene at 1000 ISO and 6400ISO, with the highlights just under clipping (Exposed far to the right). Absolutely no noise even at 6400ISO. The 4K sensor is extremely clean in the highlights, that's for sure!
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