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  1. #1 Switching From Mac to PC 
    Can't pay Mac anymore to work 4K with davinci Mac is ridiculous expensive
    So I have to switch, mine budget is tiny

    I want to build a PC with
    CPU Ryzen 2700x
    GPU Asus rog strix OC 1070 (which I already have )
    32 RAM

    Will this be good enough to work 4K with davinci ??
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    That is more than enough for light to moderate projects. To put it in perspective I have a 6800K overclocked to 4ghz with a 6GB card, 16GB RAM from 3 years ago at home and even that does fine with 4K raw. You will experience slowdowns on most systems though when you get into heavy grading on a feature with 1-2 thousand cuts.
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    That’s a solid build.

    If you can wait a few months AMD is going to release their Ryzen 3000 line, and the Ryzen 3700 CPU is rumored to be a 12 core CPU.
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