Thread: BMCC 2.5 footage looks so much better than BMPCC4K....

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe12south View Post
    Which of these two cameras is more "cinematic"?


    You clearly haven't read a thing in this thread. Trying to prove your "point" like this is beyond asinine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stip View Post
    I'll ask again, is there a link to some of your work please? I would like to know who is lecturing me that I "have difficulty communicating what I want, don't have intimate knowledge of how my tools work, and overlook details."
    I'm not baited that easily. Judge the validity of what I've said on its own merit, as I've done with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RyLo View Post
    My main gripe is the lack of LANC or way to trigger record when it's shoulder mounted. Hopefully someone will make a LANC to USB-C adapter with USB-C pass through.
    I wish it has LANC too and hope it'll get the ability to be controlled through USB-C in the future. However, you can trigger recording and set other settings via Bluetooth so there's that.
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