Looking for a great classic lens for the new BM Pocket Camera 4K? The original F/T Olympus 14-35 SWD is a grand lens, with a unique and wounderful cinematic IQ. I am selling my Mint copy, for only $995.00., comp,etemwith the Olympus F/T MFT adapter. New cost is around $2200-2400 and used ones sell for $1200-1400. This is a unique zoom lens, in that it has true coupled Manual Focus, and is Parfocal, holdong the subject focus throughout its entire zoom range. This would be a great lens on the new BM Pocket Camera 4K.

Lens comes with a custom case, and removable FF gear, and the Oly MFT adapter. Front filter ring size is 77mm, and lens extends only a couple of inches when zoomed. PM me for additional info or photos.