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    Quote Originally Posted by snowbotics View Post
    Just to clarify.... It's the choice of ursa mini pro 4k vs bmpcc 4k (I don't think anybody would EVER get the original ursa - it's just a giant beast!)
    Well your prior post did not mentioned the URSA mini pro 4.6K since there is no UM pro 4K. That's a big difference. Of course go with the UMP 4.6K and then get the BMPCC 4K as your B-cam.

    I don't own the UMP but rented it once. I don't recall it has global shutter. But I stand corrected if others who owns it says it has GS.
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    The UMP doesn't have global shutter, only the production 4k and the ursa mini 4k.
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    Yeah, as others had said, if you actually meant the Ursa Mini Pro definitely go with that over the P4K. However there is no 4K version of the Pro, only 4.6k, and it doesn’t have global shutter. Only the UM4K has Global Shutter in the mini line.
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