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    I wanted to start this thread here because I have seen similar threads in on the BMD forum but not one with this subject heading here. I have been a BMD camera user since the original and have owned the Production 4K, a few pockets, the Micro Cinema and the Ursa Mini Pro which was I received early in 2017. I think I was among the first consumers to receive the camera. I am frustrated and worried with a problem that just arose with the UMP. The description is as follows:

    The screen will glitch, kind of a scrambled pattern, recording stops and the camera locks up. I have to power down with the record/menu button options or take the battery off. The toggle switch is non-responsive. The problem is recurring though intermittent. Since this started to happen, the camera now seems to have a mind of its own regarding whether it will power up and when. I can try multiple attempts to get it to power up and then, seemingly after just some unknown and irregular rest period, it will just start. This happens whether the camera is hot or cold. Oddly, once the camera is up and working after maybe a few screen scramble episodes followed by reboots, the camera seems to work OK. I don't dare turn it off...which of course is an issue on a long shoot when the battery will eventually need replacement.

    I am now probably six months out of my year warranty so I'm guessing any costs for repair will be on me. This camera has been babied and I don't use it commercially. I've probably used it on 12-15 one/two day shoots. I hope no one else encounters this issue but I have seen other posts where the description of the problem sounds EXACTLY like what is going on with my camera. If anyone else has had this problem and have resolved it, please let me know. I am fully updated with the latest firmware. The problem started before the last update and persists following that update.

    Thanks for any help or advice. I have contacted support and I'll be sending it off before long.
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    I would contact your regional BM Support Office, and see what they recommend or can do.
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    I have a similar issue. Calling local customer support just lands me on hold and they never pick up. I have emailed them about this issue. Local customer service is clearly garbage.
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    Have you tried a different battery? We had this problem while using one particular Anton Bauer Batt. Removing the battery, switching over to AC power, and then switching back to the battery would solve the problem. We've since removed that battery from service with our Ursa minis.
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