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    Hey guys, I was hoping to get some advice regarding an issue I'm having with the camera and Black Magic Design. My main SDI port on my Ursa Mini Pro is no longer putting out a signal. I've trouble-shooted it and it's definitely the camera that is broken. I've tried calling customer support and left a message and never heard back. I did email them, and someone there did send me an RMA form, so I filled it out and also asked them what to expect as far as typical turn around periods for something like this. Didn't hear anything back. My main problem is that I need this camera to put food on the table, and can't afford to have the camera gone for a couple-few weeks or however long it'll take. I'm also afraid that my warranty period will pass since I bought this thing about 11 months ago to the day. Does anyone know how long this might take or if they might be able to send a replacement? I'm scared and frustrated as I have a ton of work to do with the camera this month and renting isn't an option for all of the projects I've commited to. Thanks for an insight.

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    I RMA’d a Video Assist to Calif Support Office, took about 7-Working days including post, but I live in Northern CA, and shipping was only one day each way.
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    If this is your bread and butter unit, I suggest you rent a back-up unit while it is sent for service. You will want to get it fixed while under warranty. Trust me, after warranty repairs are expensive. It will be cheaper to rent another UMP just for the days you'll need it. Good luck!
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    It can't hurt to ask for a loaner. You also may be able to work out a deal, since the RMA is dated before the warranty period expires, just let them know that you're going to be busy and you'll get to it when you have some down time. BM customer service while not world class is certainly not draconian either. I'm sure a little communication, as with most things in life, is all that's required to resolve this.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks for the tips, fellas. They got back to me and said 5-10 business days depending on whether it gets replaced or repaired. I suppose I'll just bite the bullet and get a rental. Ughhhh
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