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    This "Neewer" battery is the exact same one that Juicebox is selling for $200 :

    Neewer :

    Juicebox version :

    If you already own a Juicebox, the same AC d-tap charger will also work with the Neewer. Abbot at Juicebox does offer excellent customer support and I've yet to deal with the Neewer ebay seller, so time will tell in that regard.


    Disclaimer : no association with either company.
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    I just got done dealing with Juicebox's customer service over a dead battery, and they are some of best I've ever dealt with. I have no qualms about spending a couple extra bucks for that level of service and customer care. Their rep was genuinely concerned that I was satisfied with my replacement and the customer service.
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    Juicebox has lowered their price to $199.
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    I too had a couple of my Juicebox V-Mounts die while in storage for a couple months, somehow, about 6 months after purchase. They were also confused as to what could have caused the failure since they've been rock solid since before my hiatus. I've got two replacements and they're both excellent.

    Juicebox has always had great customer service IMO, not to mention their smaller batteries (Both versions!) are great. Their Magic Power 2.0 is the perfect size to power the Zoom F4 in a bag, for example. I even used the smaller 1.0 version to power my digital piano "off grid" so to speak.
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