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    Have an Ursa Mini Pro I use for product videos . Wanted to play with External mic, but not having the best luck. I tried the Rode video go mic with this 3.5 to xlr cable .

    No signal from mic, Mic works fine on other cameras. Cable checks out with meter, no shorts etc. New to Black Magic , any help or advice much appreciated
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    Cable plugged into xlr1 and mic chosen in the menu
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    What other cameras does this work with? Cameras with a 3.5mm jack or with an XLR?

    Not sure on the mic, but if it isn't battery powered, then it would likely require 5v plug in power via the 3.5mm. The UMP's XLR port either supplies no power (phantom power turned off) or 48v phantom power (which might damage your mic if it is expecting 5v).
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    Ahh that explains, I didnt realize it needed external power. Works fine on Nikon 3200 , Thanks
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