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    Hello everyone, I hope you guys spend nice X-mas holidays. I purchased a Pixco 8mm for about 60$ because I was struggling to get wide shots with the pocket. I'm quite satisfied with this lense even if it's not the sharpest one.
    Here is a quick footage I shot with it in low light.
    Let me know what you think.
    Merry Christmas to you fellas !
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    I suppose it's okay for $60... but why would you even want to get a $60 lens for a camera that shoots 13-stop RAW? Seems like putting plastic shopping cart wheels on a Mustang.
    The enormous lens distortion of this makes it look like uncorrected GoPro footage.

    Like most people, I wanted a great super wide lens for my MFT mount cameras too. I tested many and ended up keeping only the Samyang/Rokinon 10mm. It has great optical quality and an absolutely amazingly LOW amount of barrel distortion. It's a relatively fast lens too.'s not $60... but it's not $800 either. It's about $400 and it's a serious lens. If you put a speedbooster in line (which many of us already have) then it gets even wider and ever faster.

    I've been through "cheap" lenses, and i didn't end up keeping any of them except for maybe to use as a "special effect"...but not to use in normal shooting applications.

    I don't mean to hijack this thread and try to bump the discussion up to a much more expensive wide lens, only to mention my solution to the wide lens challenge that small sensors tend to face.
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    Not quite as wide, and not $60 but a very good deal at $274 is the 12mm rokinon on sale at Bhphoto right now. It has the advantage of being extremely lightweight for gimbal work, but as a native m43 mount your not going to speedboost it.
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