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    Sometimes the F9 key works and inserting a clip is no problem, and sometimes the F9 key moves the chosen clip to the starting point of the timeline. I must be missing something.

    But what am I missing?
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    I don't know what machine you're on or how your keyboard is mapped, on my MBP F9 which is actually on the OLED bar, toggles dynamic trim mode on and off unless the source clip is double-clicked in the source viewer. Keep in mind that if you move back to the timeline or adjust the position of the playhead after you've set the I O points you'll need to re-selct the clip before performing the insert or overwrite edit. I find that Resolve is still a little chunky as an editor.
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    I am on a pc and the F9 supposes to 'insert' the clip into the timeline from the image bin.
    But the fact that it works sometimes and other times it puts the clip at the beginning of the timeline. Can't find it in the manual too.
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