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  1. #1 What kind of external could i use for my BMPCC 
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    Hi everyone ! Since i have the feeling that the battery of the bmpcc decrease very fastly, i wanted to buy some kind of external battery but i don't know which one to use. Taking into account that i am using a TILTA Cage for my bmpcc ( ), so maybe some particular battery goes well with that cage.

    Thank's a lot !
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    JuiceBox Magic power.
    Many are good - this one is the best.
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    I concur. They even have a drilled plate attachment with it for easy mounting. Compact enough to keep your rig small if you want to go that route. The big Ankers are a bit unruly. V-Mount on something like Tilta plate with multiple outputs is nice for some scenarios but again a bit bulkier setup. Jukebox hits the sweet spot for me.
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