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    BTW, film was looking relatively good in motion, since your brain was integrating spatial resolution over time. The grain was jumping around, 'describing' so to say, the detail over time. You can easily see that when looking at a 35mm film still...
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    Yeah. still crying over the sensor of the digital Aaton that moved a bit with every frame, to emulate this.
    It's a shame nobody ever did this in an other camera.

    And yes, comparing grabs is totally meaningless, you need to see it in motion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy Cook View Post
    I hadn't seen the blog write up, thanks Frank. Cool at the end of the blog he writes, that all the test won't matter soon enough because these cameras too will be obsolete.

    While we/he are/is on the subject of resampling footage... here are my examples and reasons for resampling my Pocket footage from 1920 to 3840 in Resolve. If trying to make the determination with these shots on a phone I don't think you'll see it.
    All of these images where shot on my Pocket Cinema (R.I.P.) NONE OF THESE SHOTS HAVE BEEN SHARPENED OR BLURRED, JUST COLOR GRADED ONLY.. Feel free to download the tiff files and compare at home.
    Timothy, I am late to the game in this post, and the link doesn’t work I get a 404 error.....are the images still available?
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