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    Otherwise the Transcend CFX650 256GB currently has a good price at

    1) You can use your Amazon account in all Amazon countries websites for ordering. Often you will find the same item cheaper in another Amazon store, even with shipment.
    2) You can change the language on to English for easier navigation.
    3) Prices at European Amazon stores are including VAT. If you got a VAT ID and are from outside Germany or are ordering from US you should be able to buy without paying the VAT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EYu View Post
    Anybody else using the komputerbay cards? The Biwins were great until they were stolen. Who else is selling Biwin's besides Lee Miller? The SSD route is not much cheaper and I would rather go with CFast that SSD these days.
    I use two Komputerbay 3700x 256 GB cards and they work great. Single card takes 4.6K RAW 1:1 at 30 fps without any issues. Could probably go higher, but I haven't tried it.
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    I concur, my Komputerbay 3700x 256 GB cards have held up perfectly well for the past year or so. That includes extensive shooting in Raw 4:1 60 FPS. My initial purchase of the Lexar 3400X that were on that crazy sale on eBay are also holding up perfectly fine. They've all been 100% reliable.
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    Lexar 3400x has been good in the 256gb version, but TWO 128gb's I've had failed eventually. Their 3600x cards have been excellent for me however, I wonder if there will be a similar ebay selloff like there was with the 3400x now that Lexar has ceased producing cards?
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    Seems that the komputerbay 256gb is a good buy.
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