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    I've used these cheap batteries before and it worked out. They are, as I said, cheap and okay.

    I have been using the Indipro tools and a couple of Swiftronix (now called Core SWX) as well.
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    I ve used global media pro battery and chargers for 3 years now, they are still op!
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    Add me to the list of IDX recommendations - I use these;

    Handheld, Lightweight, etc..

    Tripod, Studio, etc...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Finnigan View Post
    Have you tired to plug in the dtap reverse? The square ends on the one I got from them was too rounded allowing any d-tap cable to plug in either direction. Not Good.. I'd rather not have a dtap on the battery than have one someone can inadvertently fry something with (considering a lot of stuff doesn't even had a diode in place for polarity protection for some reason).
    It hasn't been my experience. I could potentially reverse the plug but I'm always careful when plugging d-tap.
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