What's everyone using to get those ultra wide shots? Specifically for the URSA Mini 4k...

I've got a Sigma 18-35 and I'm looking for that little bit extra on the short end. I'd rather go in the direction of something dramatic if I'm going to be dropping serious coin, not dropping 2mm and going 16-35 canon...

I'd be looking at zooms as well, not primes, at least for an initial purchase.

This is what I've had a look over, wanting to know if anyone has shot with these?

Sigma 12-24 f4 - this is probably a front runner, given I've got the 18-35 and I like shooting within the same model line.
Canon 11-24L f4
Canon 8-15 f4 (fisheye) - really would like to see some examples from this.

What you got?