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    The 5,1 12 core with lots of RAM and a 980Ti is quite capable. With a Titan-X it might be a bit faster, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshall Harrington View Post
    While I'm perfectly happy with my 5,1 for now. My deliverables are HD. Once I go to UHD I'm not so sure. I'd go over the the 'Mac Pro' Forum on the Macrumors web site and repeat your question there. With a large population of individuals who are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to systems, they will give you another POV.
    Ok, I'll do that, thanks!
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    I've got a MacPro 5,1 (2012), spec's are...

    Two 3.06 GHz 6-core "Westmere-EP" (X5675) Intel Xeon processors
    AngelBird 1TB SSD PCie (This was the turning point for this mac)
    32GB RAM (I plan to update this)
    GeForce 980Ti 6GB

    And I can edit/playback URSA Mini 4k RAW files in DaVinci Resolve, 25fps and 60fps.

    The only things I want to add in the semi-immediate future is more RAM, 2TB hard drives and a RAID system.
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    Nice to hear... Thanks
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