Thread: Is there a way to turn on the Ursa Mini/Ursa Mini 4.6k externally or remotely?

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  1. #1 Is there a way to turn on the Ursa Mini/Ursa Mini 4.6k externally or remotely? 
    I have it on a Ronin-M and you can barely open the screen, have to stick a screw driver in there to find and push in the power button. A real pain to deal with. Is there like an external remote device that can be mounted to the ronin bar to turn the camera on or off?
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    Dunno about URSA M but Micro Cinema is turning on automatically if you turn on DC adapter
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    It doesn't auto power on.

    LANC has support for power on/off. Not sure if it's implemented in the URSA mini or not as I haven't tested it.
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    Apparently not. This should really be fixed for gimbal use.

    I would love a hard on/off button like we see on a Canon DSLR. With my BMPC I hate the soft buttons. "Is it going to turn on? Guess not. Try again. Ooops, it did come on but I couldn't see the screen due to the sunlight and I just turned if off again. Lets try that again. Hm, now it isn't coming on again. I'll hold the button a little longer this time..."
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    Not applicable for the OP, but I just watched a video with the Mini on the full Ronin, and there was enough room to open the monitor door and access the power button while the camera is mounted on the Ronin.
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