Forum Guidelines

Be nice, contribute, and have fun.

THE LONG VERSION: is meant to be a resource for people interested in the BMC.
This site is not affiliated with Blackmagic Design, and users are free to express their opinions.
More than anything else, we value users that can share their technical and artistic knowledge and experience—at any level.
We also appreciate well-reasoned questions that give the community a chance to explore and learn.
We have some very simple guidelines that will help make your experiences here go smoothly.


Only one account per member is allowed, this means only one username per person.

Post your question in a single forum and please keep threads on topic.

Respect your fellow filmmakers - regardless of age, experience, or opinion, you should always show respect to fellow users.
We do not allow politics, pornography, piracy, personal attacks of any kind, or religious discussion.
There are many places online to have those conversations - this isn't one of them.
Please keep things positive, helpful and try to add the sort of content that you want to see here.

Please don't try selling your products here unless you have permission from the site admin.
Uncleared advertisement signatures and posts will be removed.

If you have questions about advertising, or anything else, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for following the guidelines and welcome to the forum!

​*Thanks Luis Caffesse for writing these guidelines.