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    I'm looking to buy a good camera jib, with a budget of up to 500.00

    I'd like to press 'Buy It Now' before the days over so it can be here next week.

    I've seen Hague seem to pop up a lot online but yet to find a decent 'guide to buying your first professional camera jib' article.

    Trying to weigh up whether I got for length, build quality, lightness etc.

    There's mainly one shot in an upcoming shoot I'm planning to use it for, where we'll pull up from a small shack in a woods and lift up above the shack into the tree canopy... so maybe 3.5 to 4m would suffice..

    We're also filming a 'making of' documentary piece to accompany the main video, (at the clients request) so I'd like the jib to look the part and not overly cheap.

    There's budget allowed for the purchase of the jib (or rental but I'd rather buy so I'm investing in some tangible assets for the business). So as well as using it for this one particular shot I'd like a jib that will be easy to use on other shoots...

    Any recommendations?... any thing I should steer clear of...

    There's this one from Digislider which seems good for a small budget, especially if I wanted to make use of the motorised option for future time-lapse purposes. But it does look like it may be flimsy and bounce... or catch the wind...?

    Or this one from Hague... which is a little over my budget once you add taxes but maybe I can be convinced..

    Or should I investigate the 2nd hand market??

    If anyone in the UK has one they're looking to sell please let me know (I'm located in Devon, South West England).

    Any ideas welcome... or just hilarious stories involving a jib.
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