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    Thanks, everybody -- even you, Joe!

    Gotta say that the idea of doing a straight up recycling PSA didn't excite me, but spoofing a PSA did. So yeah, this one won't convince anybody to recycle, but I'm glad that folks at least enjoyed the 1 minute of life they spent on it.

    As for the grain and stuff... well, that's not a simple deal. I used a bunch of different LUTs and plug ins and processes all mixed together from Resolve/Premiere and After Effects. A little Impulz Kodak stock, a little Film Convert Fuji stock, a little Magic Bullet Looks vintage, a little home grown node noodling of my own. There really wasn't a simple one-click out of the box solution that gave me exactly what I wanted, but I knew if I kept banging on it then the look would come. The original footage was shot on a super sharp Zeiss 10-100mm T2 T* cinema zoom which looked extremely good, but not on style at all. I wanted to use my Angie or Cooke zooms since they have a more vintage 16mm vibe, but they didn't have as big a zoom range as the Zeiss. I wanted to shoot fast and loose with just one lens.

    Specializing in crappy production values since 1969.
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    Thanks for the reply Keith- sure didn't look like you hit filter then-> render! Great overall look and thanks for sharing some of the process. A bit jealous of your lens collection! You nailed the genre for sure!
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    I have to admit, I was a little thrown by the zap at the end. But it's a minor quibble- you nailed everything else, especially the voiceover. Thumbs up.
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    Taylor-- I got lucky ran into some pretty nice deals on the lenses and I'm a sucker for a nice old lens, but even so I'm not sure I ought to keep all of them. I look around my studio and I have way, way too many lenses here. heh. Don't be jealous, it's a disease I have. A disease!

    ahall--- I ran out of time to add the sound effect for the zap. Well, let me rephrase that-- I HAD the sound effect for the zap, but I accidentally left that audio channel muted when I rendered it out. By the time I had uploaded the entry it was already like 15 minutes to closing time, so I just left it. I have a longer 2 minute version of this I'm wrapping up next week just for giggles and in that I fix some of my mistakes. I'll post it here when it's done.

    Thanks again for the feedback, folks!
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    Old school! This one was fun to watch. I think you nailed the look, feel, and sound of those old education movies. I have mixed feelings on the ending. To me the visual effects look too clean and don't seem to fit in with the rest of the piece. But very creative and entertaining to watch.
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    Good tonal control. Period FX are good but maybe too colorful. Nice V/O and music selection. Electric fire bolt and smoldering ash was tasty. I really wanted to meet Timmy's friends. I don't know where he was hiding that pop bottle and I suppose it doesn't matter. I've only heard Dr. Pepper referred to as 'cola' in the deep South. This could have been an opportunity to bring to life the old Goofus and Gallant cartoons of the Highlights Children's magazines we always found in the doctor's waiting rooms as kids. (Oh, it's only my opinion but... it may be easier to recycle than kiss girls but not better!)
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