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    Apologies for the late commentary here.

    Yeah, the actors did a really nice job! The writer did a nice job stepping into the role at the last minute. These "nerd lectures" can quickly get grating but this one worked for the most part. It may have worked a bit better shorter but I'm not sure which facts you could cut. The grade seemed to drift slightly throughout the piece but I only picked up on it after watching a few times. There were also a few rough audio transitions at video cuts.

    Overall, the chemistry between the actors and the snappy edit made this fly. Nice job cramming all those facts into such a short runtime!
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    The actors turned in a fine performance. I wanted to believe the 'know-it-all' was perhaps a professor. "What are you doing here, Dr. Deign?"
    It could open possibilities for gags, props, story twists... I'm not sure I understand the look. The umbrella pass at the end might be a clue. Go with what nature gives you. If she hasn't learned the lesson a consequence may be catching her in a downpour. Consider it production value.
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