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    Great job on this! I can't think of anything that could be done better. Simple concept, awesome visuals, and great sound.
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    A very pretty picture. "Beautiful" indeed. This spot held the most potential for pay-off of all the entries. The message was clean and simple. The V/O was authoritative and compelling. The sound effects track was headed in the right direction and then fell away. I wanted it to build to a climax. I wanted to see more exploration of the reflections and the filament early on. I wanted to have a mystery revealed by a series of intensely macro close up images eventually widening to take familiar shape. A rheostat in combination with visual effects could have brightened the bulb to a 'white-hot' light in crescendo as the boom-down lands. Another possibility would be to include an element of an implied environment, dimly lit, that proves to be somewhere else entirely when the light is up full. (monastery to discotheque) A suggestion of an improvement from before to after. All in all, I liked the bone structure of this one. Re-cut. See what happens!
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