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    International shipping : FREE …and for a limited time : $ 12500 / € 11200 / 7300
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    I do not understand why this set is not yet sold ... It seems that the market is quiet ... very quiet now.
    I can not bring myself to sell off this set is really beautiful, excellent !

    Everyone knows the qualities of Canon L lenses. And many also know the qualities of rehousing from Artur Kowaleski.
    The quality of Polish technicians joined the same path footprint by the Germans.

    $ 12,950 is a realistic price, consistent, but a very good price for those who want a first set of pro cine PL lenses.
    In reality, this set should be worth $ 14,000, maybe more.

    I said that this set has never been rented, only used 2 times, and always handled only by me and my assistant.

    About the price, optical or mechanical condition, Red files, new HD gallery…
    Again, do not hesitate for any questions !


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    Now I propose to set $ 11,900 (€ 10,500).
    I remain aware that the market is currently difficult, but if at this very, very reasonable price, it is not sold… so I prefer to cancel the sale.
    I can make this last effort, but it is out of question to give this beautiful set.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Koemzo Productions
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    Still available !
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    free shipping for europe !
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    Still available ! for 10500 € !!
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    NOW FOR $ 11,200 !!!
    Just a lower price for a rare set.
    We can not do better.

    Contact : (Christophe)
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    $ 10,000 a price that is not reasonable! ... and a f****** deal !!...
    This is my latest offer ... and if it does not sell, I'll keep it forever!
    Sometimes I really do not understand the laws of the market ...
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    These are not L you may want to change the title and also stop saying that they are L lenses. They are clearly FD lenses. Nothing wrong with FD lenses...but you are being misleading in your description.
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    Darren Scott
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    ??? ...
    …Please, look carefully at the pictures and read my info.

    24mm 1.4
    35mm 1.4
    50mm 1.2
    85mm 1.2
    100mm 2

    ... and for those interested: :
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