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    I can see the EF on one of these. Fix your post or we'll report it. Also it should seem pretty obvious by now that nobody wants them for this price. You've been posting nonstop across two forums with little to no response.
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    No answers from me? ... I am regularly available to all who want to have information, photos, etc ... by really interested guys ... but so far I have not had much!
    Only remarks, lessons, or absurd proposals ...

    So at some point, no one knows what to do ... we go back the price and then see him down ...

    At $ 10,000, this set as it is, is a very big deal. This is a set for image professionals, who know and love the Canon lens, not just for the curious guy ...

    So you, for example, you are interested in the set? ... I think not ...
    If you think the price for this set is too high, or you confuse my set with th
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    Are you ready for 9500 $ / 8500 € ?………
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    I dont think this forum is a place for them. stick with a Reduser. vintage glass had its hype and now days there is a overflow and little demand. I has a mint set of Mint Cooke S2/S3 ens of the production with late serial numbers, things that would not last one day back in 2011, i couldn't find a buyer for the life in me. Your canons are covering Vistavision so wait for Weapon sit on them for a year if you can. just my 2c
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    True, the market is very quiet ... yet the Canon L series are still valid. You can not really see them as vintage lenses.
    Mine are recent, as is their rehousing.
    It is out of question for me to "give" this high quality set. I think I'll keep them.
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    well i desegregate with you on that! first: Canon FD (SSC and later L ) 35 years old designs that same as K35 dont look modern by any means. all before this digital biz started K35, Kinoptiks, Baltars and lomos ware sitting on shelf's of rental houses, in a first place because that specific Look was not desired at the time. i have several tings that Artur made and his craftsmanship, machining and engendering good but in any case this is still photo lens with limited applications. Luckily for you one place where they have a grate advantage is large sensor arena. good luck with a sale
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    Of course.
    At this price it's still a great deal and, to my knowledge, this is still rare.
    The Canon L are known to all and therefore actually ready for Vistavision ...
    The result obtained with the L-series to this advantage of being compatible with many lenses, old and recent. I think this is their great quality.
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    FYI, the set was SOLD yesterday …
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