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  1. #1 Availability of New Blackmagic Cameras 
    on their website there is full of "Buy Now" buttons. When you click it will take to a proper online store according to your geo preferences. None of the stores carry any of new cameras from Blackmagic.

    Is it available now?
    Is it available when it is available?


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    I think we all know by now how this works.
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    heard somewhere it is July or August
    not sure 2015 or 2016 :P
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    Grant mentioned they had a limited supply of the new sensors and they would favour existing URSA owners who wish to upgrade over new URSA MINOR sales!
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    ohh ok then
    those dates (July - Aug) are for sensor upgrade for current Ursa users.

    I wouldn't expect these new line of cameras anything before somewhere close to December 2015.
    use whats available, put your money down when u can hold it.

    no tears no blood
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    As History has already taught us, availability in July, and August means 1 to 3 camera'(s) might ship to a low level shop where no one ever expected the cameras to be sold.
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    I don't think anybody would expect anything from BM this summer at this point. wondering if current prices will be descreased especially pocket and first generation BMCCs
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    As far as I'm concerned until it says "In Stock. Add To Cart", the product doesn't actually exist. And I'll totally buy a couple things announced today, but no one gets pre order money's out of this little black duck. And that policy goes back much further than when the BM lynch mobs started.
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    Hmm, Adorama has the Micro Studio camera listed with "Add to Cart" whereas the other cameras are just "Pre-Order." Mistake or is this camera just about ready to ship?
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    there all out for pre-order on B&H
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