Alright, I guess this one's getting out there.

Check John Brawley's thoughts first:

And here are some stills from URSA and SLRmagic VariND, no IR CUT:

Pay attention to the black coat and clothes, and also the skin. I know these are a bit green (the top two are with old glass that actually does go a little green), but I could easily balance these and I did not get the impression that I had to fight IR at all.... nor a color cast... nor the dread X.

I'm renting URSA again this weekend, and I'm going to take a look at the VariND on the 4K, 2.5K, Pocket, and URSA. There's nothing scientific going on here because I'm shooting but at the very least I'll be able to form a real opinion on it after seeing it on all of the cameras. My first impression was actually "This is too green, and I'm not sure about IR."

JB's thoughts made me try it again, and my second impression was "I think someone might've just convinced me that there is a such thing as a good and useful VariND".

Don't hold me to it, I dislike VariNDs with a passion... but this might finally be the VariND that passes muster (For me).