Thread: Which is the right DC plug for the BMPCC?

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  1. #1 Which is the right DC plug for the BMPCC? 
    I bought a power bank and the power bank came with some dc adopter, but i found these two are so similar and they both fit on the bmpcc and are able to charge the camera, i just want to know what one is the correct one i should be using and if using the non correct one willl it damage the camera/battery? id didnt say on the box what the dimensions are so i dont know which one i should use
    the left one is from the factory bmpcc charger

    also does anyone know where i can get an extension cable like this one? this one is too short and i got know where to place the power bank..

    thanks guys!!
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    Look similar, can't make any helpful comment.

    I do note that the BMCC has a 2.5mm internal positive (+) sleeve, whereas 2.1mm is also very commin for many devices, such as some external drives. Not sure if you can force a 2.1mm over the BMCC 2.5mm pin in the camera, when I realised I had the wrong plug, I did not force it and sourced the correct 2.5mm and soldered again.

    Looking directly into the two sample plugs you provided a photo, does the internal sleeve diameter vary?

    Alternative, the supplier provided you with two of one type of plug and/or omitted to provide you with another plug of different specification that makes up the set. I have a few of these DC power with interchangeable adapter plugs, mine have two prongs that feed the positive (+) and negative (-) sleeves. I trashed the plastic/cardboard cover, once opened, now all in a plastic divider container. Can't advise what plugs were specified in writing.

    Excuse my terminology, I solder my own cables in some instances, not formally trained in electronics. RC planes and drift car builds caused me to learn basic soldering, etc.
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