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    I'd be interested in a video whenever you have the time. I could use something like this myself...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doménico Travano View Post
    Hey CineMusic,

    I've been eyeing these for a while: http://rocknroller-multicart.myshopi...-12-multi-cart. And it's half the price. You can even buy trays.
    i have one of these, the size of the tray is great but the build is no where near that of the magliner. good cheap option but i'd say buy once to get exactly what you need/want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by j_walk83 View Post
    I'll try and get around to it this weekend. I was originally going to do that, just didnt want to set up lights.

    "Very nice! Would a video on how it assembles and disassembles be to much to ask? "
    Where did you get the hollander pipe fittings and what kind of pipe did you use? Looks pretty slick.
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