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    hey, there will always be the negative nancys who always just complain and complain and i've done my share of ranting about their horrid mentality and even tried to reason with them like we've all done. heck i've made videos to debunk them with facts, but that still doesn't deter many of them. prime example, the comments of my af100 vs dslrs rant/review

    what would i do to deter them in forums? like how some forums are coming out with reputation points, i think it should be the opposite: troll points! is this person trolling? point em! and if they incur too many points they have a posting limit activated on their account so as to limit their trolling
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    Quote Originally Posted by rommex View Post
    Which forum thread do you come from, Adam?
    Hi Rommex

    The title of this thread is "First BMC Footage From John Brawley" and I am happy with this footage, as well as the Leah footage on a separate thread. I don't need new footage as I am happy to deal with the raw workflow. New features and footage are exciting but I am satisfied with what I've seen.

    If everyone wants to discuss waiting for new and different footage it should be on a separate thread with a different title, maybe titled "waiting for footage" but not on this thread.

    Also no one is being forced to buy this camera ... there's always many other options such as the fs100/700, 5d mkiii, etc available ... and wishing for a camera and possible features to come into existence won't achieve anything. Like most of us I too waited for the Scarlet for 3 or so years ... and yes this too can be discussed on a separate thread.
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    this thread has gotten way off topic. let's bring it back around to its purpose, and take this side discussion over to off-topic.

    Everyone just needs to have a little patience. All in due time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stip View Post
    I have to disagree as well. Working in the creative field you know as well that the customer most of the times doesn't even know what's right for him/her. While it's true that the customer always has the right to be demanding and pushy, there's also a line that you shouldn't allow people to cross because that's the line where it starts to get painful for you and it's a legitimate choice to either swallow it or end it. But that's mainly for services.

    As for BMC. This forums isn't an official BMD forum as far as I can tell. John is here because he chose to. The camera has been announced, not released, and if you preordered a camera that you feel you know too little about, then that was your free choice and 'risk' and you knew you would have to wait.

    BMD doesn't owe you answers at this stage. John doesn't owe you answers.

    So thanks for pissing him off and I'm not saying this because he was our only 'source for information and footage' but because he came here to help answer some of your questions and I'm sure he had better things to do at times.

    EDIT: Matt, 2nd part of this post is not reffered to you of course, hope noone got that wrong!!
    I see your point and I certainly know, as a web developer, that clients sometimes get so out-of-control it is best to cut one's losses. But let us remember one thing: BMD is not a record company or small business or freelance design business nor should it follow those business models. It is a larger business/corporation and should cater on a non-personal, overreaching arch displaying updated info, fast fixes in firmware, good product support and expedient help to those who have preordered. I'm sure they will do a great job.

    Let us also remember that those with frustration venting have $3,000 tied up in this yet-to-be-released product. I'd say they have a right to get a bit ancy.

    To get back on target, I work with RAW stills all day long form the Canon 5dmkII when doing weddings and corporate photography. It is "noisy" all day long too, from 100iso on up, depending on how you expose, what you do with shadows, ect. 1600 definitely has grain that is very noticeable - for me, it helps define my image and keeps it from getting a plastic sheen look.

    RAW is another beast and that is why Lightroom 4 and other editing apps have luma, chroma NR that are fully customizable, and yes, I use them. In fact, chroma is on as a standard setting from Adobe - if I turn it off, color noise is aweful on the 5dmkII. But Adobe knows RAW image files better than any of us and built a superb program to handle it just fine. Also, the RAW's coming off the 5dmkII always need sharpening. I like having the ability to sharpen, NR, expose and grade my way, that is what RAW is for.

    If you want an image that is pristine off the sensor, have the camera do in-camera processing and bake it all in - but that is the exact opposite of a RAW workflow.

    I am fully confident that Resolve 9 will meet my needs of properly dealing with the RAW image. That is why I pre-ordered.

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    we'll start a new thread when there is more footage out. This thread has gone off the reservation.
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